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fem | black femdom

fem | black femdom

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Black Domina is one of the deepest, darkest indicas ever created and has been garnering devoted followers for over two decades. This feminized version of the phenomenal four-way hybrid will charm fans new and old with the same exceptional qualities that are even easier to obtain. She is super strong, very distinctive and just beautiful.

The strains that make up Black Domina Feminized are four of the finest indicas ever discovered. They have been collected from the best indica growing areas in the world. Sensi Seeds has carefully combined them to create something greater than the sum of its parts: a feminized 95% indica strain that is actually different from all of its parent strains.

The breeders at Sensi Seeds started with our own Northern Lights, which has long been hailed as one of the best indicas of all time and is known for its resin production. They added Ortega. This lesser-known strain is a descendant of Northern Lights that focuses on the euphoric, pain-relieving, and sleep-inducing properties of its parent strain. Next up is Sensi's own Hash Plant, which is also extremely generous and reliable when it comes to resin production. Combining a short flowering time with sizeable yields, Hash Plant brings these qualities to Black Domina Feminized. Finally, a carefully selected and lovingly preserved Afghani strain, known only as 'SA', was added to this indica cocktail to round out the robust performance and solid, cylindrical colas.

As you would expect, this four-way feminized combo produces vigorous, delicious plants - all of which will flower as females - with some exciting phenotypic variation. All will feature the traits most loved and sought after by indica lovers: short stature, intense resin production, large solid buds and a short flowering time. Black Domina sets itself apart from other indicas not only because it excels in each and every one of these areas, but also because of its almost preternaturally dark green coloring. In certain lighting conditions, the plants can actually appear black. This unusual pigmentation affects not only the leaves but also the buds. These can feature deep purple streaks amidst the dark green, covered in bright orange hairs and a thick, glittering layer of trichomes.

As far as growth structure goes, expect compact plants that tend to develop a massive central cola (unless topped or otherwise modified). Black Domina Feminized has a short flowering time of around 50 days. Of course, she thrives well indoors and can also be grown outdoors in areas with warm, Mediterranean climates and long, hot summers. Back in the days of cloning, the regular Black Domina was a favorite for this technique. The feminized version fulfills many of the same requirements, offering growers a male-free harvest and a consistent, regular supply of the highest quality bud, time and time again.
Feminized cannabis seeds
Sunny / Mediterranean
Compact plant
Flowering time 50 - 55 days
High yield
95% Indica

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