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Fem | California Indica

Fem | California Indica

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Whether you're a beginner or an expert, bountiful yields are possible with this feminized hybrid strain (35% sativa, 65% indica). Characteristic is the citrus aroma dominated by oranges, which is joined by the taste of warm hash.

Our California Indica grew out of a high-yielding, hardy Orange Bud with sativa genes. We crossed this long-flowering mother plant with our Northern Lights #1 x Hash Plant, which has also served as a pollen donor for our popular Hash Plant strain. Maintaining the massive resin production wasn't easy, but after a few attempts we succeeded.

Compared to its sativa mother, the offspring impress with lots of resin, a shorter flowering time and denser buds. Unlike the indica father, they differ in having a fruitier flavor and a more focused high.

Growth Pattern of California Indica Feminized

California Indica Feminized Cannabis Seeds produce vigorous, predominantly Indica dominant plants. That means: The variety stays nice and compact and flowers pleasantly quickly. The buds have long pistils that unfurl between the main stem and side branches, covering the plant's internodes with dense flower clusters. And what flowers they are!

These are true gourmet buds that are dripping with resin at harvest time. After drying, the buds often look more orange than green, which is perfectly normal. When growing indoors, growers should expect plants to gain 100-150% in height during the 7-8 week flowering period. If you initiate the flowering phase in a controlled manner, you have nothing to fear.

In warm, continental climate conditions, this cannabis strain can reach the size of a small tree. Special cultivation techniques such as Sea of ​​Green (SOG), Screen of Green (SCROG), Supercropping and Lollipopping offer additional harvesting potential.

Effects, taste and smell of California Indica Feminized

When it comes to effects, California Indica Feminized exhibits a mix of indica and sativa qualities, making it a good all-round strain. The warm relaxing power of the Afghan indica is well balanced by the cerebral sativa high. The effects are long-lasting, but not strong enough to overwhelm inexperienced users.

These cannabis plants emit only a subtle odor during the veg and flowering stages, making them an interesting option for discreet stealth growers. The dried flowers taste like hash and sweet citrus, with orange tones predominating.

Rarer and perhaps even more popular are lime and grapefruit flavored phenos. A long-time customer of ours once described this cannabis strain as “a citrus sativa for ganja connoisseurs”. We couldn't get to the point any better ourselves. The intense aroma of California Indica Feminized is perfect for a vaporizer. Slow heating brings the aromatic, heat-sensitive terpenes straight to the consumer.

Did you know?

  • Anyone who is creative has a good source of inspiration at their side with this grass. It is no coincidence that several songs bear the name "Orange Bud" - a homage to the mother plant of our California.
  • These cannabis seeds are also available as California Indica Regular .
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