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Fem | Durban

Fem | Durban

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Outside of its native continent, Durban is arguably the most well-known African cannabis strain. This chunky subtropical sativa grows abundantly in southern Africa and is enjoyed everywhere. Durban Feminized cannabis seeds are a perfect outdoor sativa for growers of all skill levels. She's fast, fungus resistant, and a big producer even in a dodgy summer!

Durban remains one of the purest outdoor sativa strains in Sensi Seeds' collection. In our next update of this cannabis classic, great care has been taken to preserve her original family line and genotype. Just as our first Durban seed strain was only acclimated by breeding selected plants from its ancient and stable gene pool, Durban Feminized Cannabis Seeds were developed through backcrossing within the same rock solid lineage.

Durban is classified as Sativa because it comes from a subtropical zone and can grow and flower well with a photoperiod that falls within a few hours of 12/12 year-round. However, the strain overall is slightly shorter in stature and flowering significantly faster than a typical sativa, and the Durban genotype produces much harder, denser bud clusters.

Durban Feminized cannabis seeds produce plants with strong side branches around a thick main stem. The flowering period is fast and productive. The hard calyxes cluster at the nodes, then run upwards and fill most of the gaps in the upper half of the trunk and branches. The pistils are relatively short and thick, often displaying pink or creamy yellow hues before darkening as the plants mature.

In their country of origin, large quantities of Durban are often grown with minimal maintenance as the plants are considered hardy enough to take care of themselves! Of course, cannabis enthusiasts and medicinal growers will usually take much more careful care of their precious plants. In any case, Durban Feminized seeds are forgiving of common grower mistakes. She embodies the hardy, resilient nature of her family line and is capable of yielding big in an unreliable northern growing season.

The plants have a uniform structure and grow at a steady pace. Outdoor height gain during flowering is manageable and plants can be kept at around 150cm if needed. To maximize plant size and yield, Durban Feminized cannabis seeds can be grown indoors as early as March and plants can reach up to 250cm tall if not pruned or pruned during their growth and flowering cycles.

Commercially grown Durban from South Africa can be found in many parts of the world. She is known for a strong cerebral high that gently layers over a powerful, body-warming high. Many smokers will immediately recognize this imported 'Dagga' for its earthy, citrusy bouquet. Even after drying in the sun, pressing into bricks, and traveling halfway around the world, Durban's signature flavors and effects have earned it a reputation as a cannabis not to be taken lightly.

Needless to say, all of these qualities can be better appreciated when Durban is sampled at their source - when their buds have been lovingly grown and carefully cured. Durban Feminized Seeds give you the opportunity to make your own backyard the starting point for this excellent outdoor seed strain!

When treated well, Durban Feminized buds have a rich and complex array of aromas and flavors. The most common are sweet and fruity scents with strong overtones of lemon and more subtle notes of anise. Plants in this family, whose leaves are noticeably darker than their sisters, often have an earthier scent when flowering, which later matures into aromas reminiscent of chocolate, coffee, or sandalwood.

Durban Feminized has excellent resin production for an outdoor cannabis seed strain. Mature buds are formed from hard clusters of angular calyxes that burst forth at each node and bract. The bud's colas, which fill the upper stem and tips of the branches, are covered in a thick layer of resin glands, as are the edges of the few small, single-petaled leaves that grow from the largest clusters of buds.

This strain has a distinct sativa high mixed with a strong physical effect. Some longtime admirers of Durban refer to her as a 'narcotic sativa' in reference to her calming, uplifting high. Experienced smokers shouldn't feel overwhelmed by the dreamy, red-eyed high that larger doses of Durban induce. Despite being very potent, Durban Feminized doesn't impart the sleep-inducing and energy-sapping 'rock' of some indicas.

Durban can grow and bloom in any climate, from temperate to tropical. If you're thinking about growing a sativa in a regular garden or on a balcony, look for plants whose traits make it easier and more manageable. Durban Feminized has all of these important traits - she's hardy, forgiving, and produces feminized plants that don't get too tall. It's also fast flowering, very productive and a potent medicinal or recreational plant.
Feminized cannabis seeds
Cool / Cold
tall plant
Flowering time 50 - 70 days
High yield
90% sativa

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