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Fem | Fat Banana

Fem | Fat Banana

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Fat Banana is the product of a super selective strain development process aimed at hybridizing the biggest, fattest Banana OG specimens. Now RQS can offer you the best of this bunch. Fat Banana is very flavorful and contains a large amount of cannabinoids.
Fat Banana: The Big Fat Fruity Kush strain

genetics and potency

Fat Banana is the result of an intense selective breeding project we undertook here at RQS to produce and improve on a strain that is rarely seen. The result is a strain with some unusual traits that should appeal to connoisseurs, collectors, and growers alike - especially those looking for a one-of-a-kind stash.

Fat Banana is a premium Kush strain with a genetic background dating back to OG Kush x Chiquita Banana. It's a legacy with a lot of power behind it that lays the foundation for Fat Banana's greatness. This is also evident in the potency of Fat Banana, which can reach up to 25%+ THC when cultivated expertly. The potential is great!

Yield and growth habits

Fat Banana can yield an average of 350-400g/m² under a 600w light and flowers in around 7-8 weeks indoors. It's worth noting that Fat Banana is an indica-dominant hybrid that could be classified as a 'stretch indica' of sorts, as she tends to develop a massive, long-lasting main cola when not trained.

Outdoors, in warmer climates, Fat Banana can grow into monster shrubs that will most likely need support. They are ready for pruning in mid-September. As said, if you treat her right, the price is a fat supply of chunky nuggets with 25%+ THC and a sweet, fruity banana aroma.

effect and taste

Fat Banana is the Kush that nobody saw coming. Mild initial euphoric effects and a deliciously sweet, fruity taste might tempt you to overdo it with this unusual strain. However, she is potent! A strong physical stone will set in sooner or later, followed by an incredibly relaxing experience. Prepare for the munchies - this is a trip to flavor land that begins and ends on the couch.

As for taste, Fat Banana has a sweet flavor with hints of citrus. As mentioned, the aroma the bud produces is reminiscent of its namesake, making it a treat for the nose.

THC: 25%
CBD: Low
Yield Indoor : 350 - 400 gr/m²
Yield outdoor: 450 - 500 g/plant
Height inside: 80 - 140 cm
Height outdoors: 170 - 200 cm
Flowering time: 7 - 8 weeks
Harvest month: late September
Genetics: Banana x OG Kush
Type: Sa 50% In 50% Ru 0%
Effect: Relaxing and taste-intensive
Climate: Mild
Taste: Sweet, fruity, earthy, tropical
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