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fem | Jack's Dream

fem | Jack's Dream

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THC: 18-25% cbg: 1-1.5% CBD: 0%

Jack Herer x AMS

The effects are very relaxing and balanced, not a heavy hitter on the body due to the sativa genetics in it, it's a good strain to keep active and creative. .

Flowering time: 56 - 63 days
Yield: medium

Harvest: end of September
Average height: 150 - 170 cm
Yield: 700g/plant

Jack's Dream is a cross between two of our classics from the Green House Seeds catalogue, Jack Herer and her amazing piney, hazy terpene profile and frosty buds, and AMS, our most resistant to fungi/mould, but also one of the sweetest strains with an earthy background on the exhale.

The combination of the two parents resulted in an amazingly compact plant with a nice, sturdy structure full of branches, a short internode length perfect for spaces with little roof space, and some dense, trichome-covered buds.

The smell of the flowers is a perfect blend of the pine sap and peppery notes of the Jack Herer with an earthy and sweet note of the AMS balancing the piney terpenes, a great combination.

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