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Fem | Mexican Sativa

Fem | Mexican Sativa

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Mexico has a long and distinguished cannabis tradition. The country that coined the term 'marijuana' is home to some wonderful cannabis strains that are rarely seen outside its borders.

The main ancestor and parent of Mexican Sativa is a prized strain from the southern province of Oaxaca. To adapt this exotic sativa for flowering in the northern summer, genetics from Durban - the infamous hardy African sativa - as well as a fast flowering Pakistani hash plant were implanted. The best progeny from the seed were then backcrossed to the Oaxacan line to retain the distinctive traits of the original strain. Mexican Sativa brings together the subtle flavors of three continents in her long, delicate buds. Notes of sandalwood and anise are wrapped in the sharp, fresh, resinous scent of the Oaxacan original.

Mexican Sativa seeds are ideal for any garden grower looking for an easy-to-grow strain, aesthetically pleasing plants and a clear, uplifting sativa high. If you think that cheaper seeds always have to be of low quality, these Ladies of the Sierra Madre will surprise you!
Regular (non-feminized) cannabis seeds
Cool / Cold
tall plant
Flowering time 50 - 70 days
Medium yield
70% sativa

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