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Sensi Seeds

car | Sensi Skunk

car | Sensi Skunk

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A stunningly easy and rewarding feminized autoflowering version of a proven classic. Sensi Skunk Feminized Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds are the product of the groundbreaking crossing of Sensi Skunk and an exceptional ruderalis strain to create a Skunk plant unlike any other.

With the introduction of this feminized autoflowering Skunk plant, virtually all the hard work of the growing process is eliminated, whether indoors or outdoors in temperate to Mediterranean climates. The vegetative period will naturally transition into flowering after around five weeks without having to rely on changing light cycles and the obvious advantage of feminized seeds is that there is no need to remove the male plants! Sensi Skunk Feminized autoflowering seeds produce vigorous female plants with a compact structure, short, sturdy branches and an abundant bud production. The scent and taste retain the delicious characteristics of the original Sensi Skunk plant: a sweet, citrusy burst that is remarkably different from regular Skunk plants. In terms of effects, this marijuana strain is still potent enough to surprise even the most jaded stoner.

Another important trait inherited from the regular Sensi Skunk is the forgiving nature of this cannabis strain. In both the veg and veg stages, Sensi Skunk Feminized autoflowering plants are able to maintain a healthy flowering performance even when faced with common growth issues. In short, a superb strain that probably couldn't be easier to get great results from!

Feminized cannabis seeds
Cool / Cold
Compact plant
Flowering time 45 - 50 days
Yield Medium yield
80% indica
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