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Dutch Passion

Fem | Passion #1

Fem | Passion #1

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Why should I buy Passion #1 feminized seeds?

• Passion #1 is a vigorous hybrid cannabis strain with a very high yield and a relatively fast flowering time, with most plants ready to harvest in September

• Passion #1 is a resilient and hardy outdoor strain. She does very well in temperate climates, but grows into a plant of epic proportions in the sunnier climates.

• Passion #1 is a very potent cannabis strain, THC levels can reach up to 20%, giving her a very potent high, suitable for even the most experienced cannabis smoker.

• It's an easy plant that doesn't require any special growing techniques or feeding schedules. Sufficient (organic) soil and enough sunlight ensure a beautiful plant with long, continuous buds

Passion #1 has a fresh, tart aroma of lemon, lime and spicy notes

The aroma of Passion #1 is best described as fresh, tart, and slightly spicy. The scent is strong, but certainly not overpowering. This can be useful for outdoor growing when you prefer that neighbors or bystanders can't immediately smell the plants. It smells mainly like a fruity blend of lemon, lime and woody herbs like rosemary and thyme. The taste of this outdoor classic also consists mainly of sour citrus notes mixed with a little spice and earth. Passion #1 smokes very smooth and has a strong potent up-high. The pungent, spicy, and acidic notes are a pleasure to smoke and can be tingling in the throat at times.

Passion #1 is a robust outdoor strain with a vigorous growth phase and a fast flowering phase

Passion #1 is one of the original classic outdoor strains. This particularly stable and robust outdoor strain has a very high yield and a short flowering time. Most plants finish early in September, with some phenotypes taking until early October. The plants grow very quickly. During the growth phase you can already see the true potential of this strain. Plants that are over 3m tall are no exception! Plants over 4m tall can be grown if pregrowth starts early. She does well as a backyard plant, but she also thrives in a greenhouse or as a guerrilla plant.

What kind of genetics are in Passion #1?

Passion #1 is one of the best outdoor green strains, developed in California in the 1970's and grown in the Netherlands since 1980. Passion #1 (formerly known as Amstel Gold) is the result of years of selection and crossing. This Californian indica grows long compact buds that are full of resin and very potent.

This strain is designed for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation only. It is a very strong and stable outdoor strain that has been in our seed collection for decades. This is one of the best green outdoor strains available on the market. This strain guarantees a very high yield combined with a high potency. A strain you'll want to grow again and again!

Passion #1 is a strong and robust cannabis plant that is easy to grow and very resilient to adverse weather conditions

Passion #1 is one of the oldest outdoor strains in our collection. This resistant outdoor cannabis strain was discovered in America in the 1970s and then further developed in the Netherlands. This strain has been selectively bred over many years, primarily for speed, size, yield, and potency. This has made our Passion #1 one of the fastest yet biggest outdoor strains on the market.

Passion #1 grows elongated buds that are packed with resin. It is a hybrid cannabis plant with a sativa growth pattern and an indica flowering time. She can show a little more of her indica background in the veg stage than in the flowering stage. Once the plant begins to flower, you will see the more sativa characteristics become more apparent. She will eventually grow into a very tall, slender plant with thin leaves. The branches grow quite thick, as do the buds of this strain. With enough soil and sunlight, she will grow into a plant of epic proportions.

Passion #1 was developed purely for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. This is not a strain to be grown indoors under strong lights. At the end of the flowering phase, the plant is full of trichomes. Even the smallest leaves already have a good layer of resin. Passion #1 starts flowering in the Dutch latitudes in the last week of July/early August. It is a very hardy and hardy variety.

Because of the thin leaves and open structure, fungi and bud rot have less of a problem with this cannabis strain. The buds become firm but not very compact, remaining a bit softer and more open in structure. Her long buds can easily reach 40-50 cm. These long, continuous buds should be supported at the end of flowering, as they can sometimes sag completely due to the weight of the buds.

The genetics used to breed Passion #1 guarantee the following traits:

  • A strong hybrid outdoor strain with very high yields
  • Potent buds with a thick layer of resin and high THC levels
  • These plants are vigorous and grow very quickly, reaching an average height of 2-3.5 m

Passion #1 is a very stable and durable outdoor strain, she can withstand bad weather to some extent, making her very suitable for growing in a temperate climate.

Effects of Passion #1

Passion #1 surprises you with a strong, stimulating 'up' high. If you smoke more, you will get pleasantly stoned. We measured almost 20% THC in Passion #1. This makes Passion #1 one of the strongest outdoor strains out there. She has a hybrid high that has both a physical and a mental effect. The high is strong and long-lasting. She mainly has an energetic, social up-high.

The physical effects are very subtle, letting you relax without actually getting tired or sleepy. This combination of a "head high" and a "body high" makes this strain very popular with a large group of regular users. Besides the strong high, this strain also has an excellent taste!

The heyday of passion #1

This strain has an average flowering time of around 6-8 weeks. The fastest phenotypes are ready by early September (in the northern hemisphere). The slightly longer-flowering plants usually need until the end of September/beginning of October to fully mature. Plants reach an average height of 2-3.5m outdoors when grown in good soil. In order to get the largest possible plants, we recommend starting indoor germination and vegetative growth of the plants early.

Passion #1 was developed specifically as an outdoor/greenhouse strain, so this strain is not suitable for indoor cultivation under strong lighting. It is known for its strong growth potential. In both the veg and flowering stages, this strain can grow fast. She does very well as an outdoor strain, but can also be grown in pots. We recommend that you opt for very large pots, at least 50-100 L. If you want the very best result, we recommend using a fancy pot of a few hundred liters in size.

The result of Passion #1

Passion #1 starts flowering early in the season. The average dry yield varies from 250g up to around 750g per plant. Under optimal conditions, plants can grow to gigantic proportions (up to 3.5-4m) and yields can exceed 1.5kg of dry buds per plant. It thrives best in a greenhouse or in a sunny climate.

If the plant is grown in small pots, the yield will also be slightly lower. But even in small pots, yields of several hundred grams per plant are possible. She is more resilient to inclement weather than most traditional cannabis strains. Rain and cold have less impact on this strain. So if you live in an area with a rainy and cold climate, Passion #1 can surprise you with a very good harvest! Preferably give her a sunny spot in your garden for the best results.

Advice from our experts

Passion #1 is a cannabis plant with a strong urge for vertical growth. If you want her to grow wider, we highly recommend topping and/or fimming the plants several times. Without these growing techniques, this plant feels the need to keep growing taller. This can result in very tall plants in excess of 4m in the most favorable conditions. Thanks to this vigor and size, it naturally also delivers a very high yield. You can also use the SCROG method e.g. B. use outdoors to limit their height somewhat.

In order to grow the largest plants, we recommend starting the plants early indoors. In the case of the Netherlands, it is best to start around March/April. Germinating indoors and pre-planting for at least 4-6 weeks will ensure a strong plant that will put up with a lot before moving outdoors.

If you have more time, eg 8-10 weeks, we recommend repotting the plants several times into a larger pot, this is better for the root system. Don't forget to harden (acclimate) the plants to outdoor conditions before placing them outdoors permanently. You can do this by leaving the plants in a pot outside for a few hours a day for about 1-2 weeks. Start with this in the morning and gradually leave the plant outside longer and longer.

More information about Passion #1

Passion #1 is one of the strongest outdoor cannabis strains. With THC levels of up to 20%, this is by no means a weak outdoor strain. Many growers love the potent buds where even the small leaves get completely covered in trichomes and sticky resin. She is very hardy/resistant and delivers high yields in all types of climates.

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