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Dutch Passion

fem | passion fruit

fem | passion fruit

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Why should I buy Passion Fruit feminized seeds?

  • Very strong and stable genetics, easy to grow

  • Complex fruity aroma and taste

  • A reliable hybrid that performs very well both indoors and outdoors

  • High yielding variety with premium strength

Passion Fruit is a strong Cannabis Cup winner

Passion Fruit won the following cup in South America:

First Prize Outdoor at Copa Del Sol Peru 2018

Passion Fruit Buds are incredibly fruity

Passion Fruit is a hybrid strain that is the result of crossing two incredibly fruity strains to create something even better than the original parent strains. The buds of this strain smell like you just stepped foot in a candy store!

Most dominant are the rather sweet, citrusy, sour and orange flavors. You can expect a unique grape flavor that is extra delicious. If you want a delicious, rich and extremely powerful cannabis strain with a real fruit flavor then you will love Passion Fruit feminized seeds!

Passion Fruit is a very strong and sticky cannabis strain

Passion Fruit is a really powerful hybrid strain that guarantees buds with top-notch concentration levels. THC levels can reach great heights when this strain is cared for perfectly. This strain is known for being very resilient and forgiving. She will have very sticky buds so be aware of this when tending your plants during the late flowering period as they can literally be covered in sticky resin. Be careful not to brush your clothes against this aromatic fruity strain in late bloom - she will linger the powerful fruity scent of this potent feminized seed type for a long time to come!

Dutch Passion Passionfruit: Heavy harvests with premium strength

Passion Fruit quickly gained a reputation among repeat growers for its unique terpene profile, heavy yields, and potent buds. It is the result of crossing two very strong and stable genetic lines into something new and exciting.

The name Passion Fruit derives from the appealing scent and good taste of the buds. It's slightly sour, sweet and fruity with hints of grapes that reminded the Dutch Passion team of real passion fruit.

Passion Fruit is a hybrid cannabis strain that can best be described as a 50% indica/50% sativa strain that leans slightly towards the sativa side. However, due to the indica heritage, you may be lucky enough to find the indica-leaning phenotype as well. Passion Fruit has the so-called hybrid power. This means that she has the genetic disposition to grow particularly fast and explode during the flowering period. This makes Passion Fruit an ideal candidate for both a SOG style and for growing under 12/12 lights from seed. Passion Fruit also lends itself well to SCROG growing techniques with just a few plants (or maybe just one plant) per m2.

Passion Fruit responds very well to bending and superculture. Topping and fimming is recommended if you want an evenly bushier plant structure. Passion fruit is a high yielding feminized cannabis seed strain. In the right hands, she can reward the grower with an exceptionally large harvest, and that's why she was awarded an XXL strain.

Info on the Passion Fruit strain: A delicious, high-yielding hybrid!

Passion Fruit is a balanced hybrid. Genetics come from Sweet Pink Grapefruit crossed with multi-award winning Orange Bud. This unique crossing guarantees one of the richest and tastiest flavor profiles in the Dutch Passion collection! The hybrid vigor from crossing these two powerful strains makes for excellent results. The roughly 50/50 indica/sativa ratio delivers a thoroughly enjoyable, well-balanced high that will quickly become one of your favorites. It is unusual to find a potent THC strain boasting such heavy yields and a truly unique terpene profile.

Crossing with our original Orange Bud makes Passion Fruit very stable and easy to grow. The orange colored bud was selected in the 1980s from the excellent Skunk genetics that produce dense and hard buds with crystals and beautiful orange colored hairs. The wonderfully colored, crystal-covered Orange Bud Nuggets deliver great flavor and make for excellent baggy appeal. Orange Bud also features a uniquely sweet flavor with citrus fruits of nectarine and ripe orange.

The Sweet Pink Grapefruit is said to have originated in Canada, although the exact original genetics are uncertain and shrouded in speculation. Some say it started with a very fruity Northern Light phenotype, others say it was part of the breeding program with a special Blueberry line. What is certain is that this strain produces an extremely intense, exotic and sweet taste that is rarely found in other cannabis strains.

Passion Fruits can exhibit quite a compact growth pattern during the vegetative growth period. She can have thick stems as well as big and wide fan leaves that show more of her indica heritage. During the flowering period, the sativa side of the genetics becomes more apparent as she begins to stretch and gain height. Being such a strong hybrid makes her suitable for all sorts of growing methods, whether you focus on numerous plants per m2 or just a handful.

Passion Fruit is ready to harvest after 8-9 weeks indoors. She can get huge outdoors, so make sure you give her enough space to grow. She will be ready outdoors in mid/late fall.

The genetics used to create Passion Fruit ensure the following characteristics:

  • A strong and resilient plant that is easy to grow.

  • The hybrid vigor makes for a tall plant with big yields that finishes quickly.

  • A truly amazing aroma and taste combined with a powerful high.

Passion Fruit is a great plant for beginners as it is very resilient and forgiving. Although we recommend providing her with a stable growing environment to optimize her potential, she will still produce decent plants and strong buds in less than optimal conditions.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit + Orange Bud = Passion Fruit!

Passion Fruit will appeal to anyone in need of a feminized seed strain with a seriously powerful, heavy heavy yield and a real fruity taste. Passion Fruit is created by crossing Orange Bud with Sweet Pink Grapefruit. The sweet-fruity parent strains ensure that Passion Fruit packs the fresh taste and fruity aroma that sets the buds apart from the crowd.

Dutch Passion received the superb clone of the original Sweet Pink Grapefruit from a trusted friend in Belgium. It was one of the fruitiest strains the team had encountered in a long time. When tasting the THC-rich sweet pink grapefruit buds, the Dutch Passion team was amazed by the smell and taste. The large yields added to the appeal.

The team immediately knew they had to develop a new feminized cannabis seed strain with these genetics. Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Orange Bud are both highly regarded cannabis seed strains in their own right. When hybridized together, the result is arguably even better than either of the original strains.

Passion Fruit buds are unmistakably some of the most complex, fruity and delicious Dutch Passion has had to offer for many years. Passion Fruit is an exciting new addition to the Orange family and is a great new high quality cannabis strain that you can rely on.

Passion Fruit Effects

Passion Fruit is a powerful hybrid with THC levels of around 20%, she is definitely considered a strong strain. We have seen phenotypes of around 25% THC and in some cases THC levels of around 30% THC have been reported, but these have not yet been confirmed by our own lab tests.

These unusually high THC levels show the remarkable genetic potential of this strain. The effect is powerful and cerebral, but not devastating or paranoid. Passion Fruit will take you as high as a kite, but you'll still be able to function. We believe the cross produced just the right amount of indica and sativa genes.

The original Orange Bud genetics help to keep the high pleasure and social. There's no question that Passion Fruit is exceptionally strong and delivers an excellent feel-good high. This is also an excellent strain for the grower looking for THC-rich plants of exceptional quality to use as later mother plants.

Flowering time of Passion Fruit

We usually recommend a vegetative period of around 4 weeks. When growing in a SOG (Sea of ​​Green) it is possible to grow this strain in the 12/12 light cycle right after germinating the feminized cannabis seeds. If you only grow a few plants per m2, we recommend you give her a growing season of around 6 weeks. As you are approaching a 50/50 hybrid, you can expect quite a bit of stretch during the flowering period, although not as much as with "pure" sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids.

It is possible to use many types of growing techniques such as LST (Low Stress Training) as well as HST (High Stress Training). Passion Fruit responds very well to all of them. Topping or fimming is recommended if you want to branch them even bushier or earlier. We do not recommend decapitating/trimming the indica's dominant phenotype as this will destroy her massive main cola.

Passion Fruit will also produce excellent results outdoors. As a strain that can handle lower temperatures at night, this hardy lady has proven herself for outdoor growing. Even in mountainous regions where temperatures can drop significantly at night, Passion Fruit has the ability to thrive. Massive plants of 2.5-3.5m tall are possible and can be just as wide given the right soil, nutrients and sunlight.

It is recommended to grow her in a greenhouse to reach her full potential outdoors. However, consider the need to keep enough fresh air to the greenhouse to optimize the end result. Avoid stale air in greenhouses as this increases the possibility of fungus and mold in the numerous dense buds.

The flowering time is around 8-9 weeks. Combined with the recommended vegetation phase, it takes around 12-15 weeks from seed to harvest.

The yield of the Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit brings big harvests of high quality cannabis. Expect around 500 to 600 grams per m2 under optimized conditions. The hybrid plants will sport large and bulky buds.

Our competent advice

Crossing our original Orange Bud with Sweet Pink Grapefruit resulted in Passion Fruit and we couldn't be happier with the result as it combines the best of both worlds! It's a fairly easy plant to grow, but can pose a challenge (in a fun way). This makes her an interesting strain for all types of growers.

Passion Fruit is one of those high quality feminized seed strains with the potential for some of the highest THC levels and quality buds. This makes Passion Fruit an attractive strain for the experienced grower looking for a special harvest. However, Passion Fruit is a strain with a wide stretch, making it an option for less experienced growers as well.

Watch out for extended periods of high humidity during flowering, as she can be sensitive to mold. Maintain proper airflow to reduce the chance of losing those prized, connoisseur-quality buds.

In terms of robustness, the Passion Fruit is very resistant to low temperatures. Low nighttime temperatures can produce some autumnal blue/purple hues in the buds and leaves, making them very attractive. This can also increase the resin content, making them even stickier!

Passion Fruit is only available in feminized seeds.

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