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Fem | White Russian

Fem | White Russian

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Despite being a dominant indica strain, Warlock has sativa traits like extended flowering time and an active high.
In the growing season the plant grows bushy, small and compact, during the flowering period you can see huge and dense buds and very few medium-sized leaves, making it very easy to trim. The white pistils at the beginning of the flowering period turn dark pink as the plant matures.
The aroma is sweet and tangy with acidic and fresh fruit undertones. After consumption, one will notice a strong effect that is more cerebral than physical.
This strain is the result of collaboration between two great seed banks, Serious Seeds and Magus Genetic. These genetics won 3rd place at the 1997 HighTimes Bio Cup.

Features of Warlock feminized by Serious Seeds:
Indoor yield: 400/500 g/m²
Outdoor Yield: Unspecified
THC content: Unspecified
Flowering time indoors: 55-60 days
Outdoor harvest time: October

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