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Krumme Gurken

Fish Mix

Fish Mix

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Fish·Mix™ enables substrates to promote bacterial flora and accelerate growth. It is an infusion of an organic North Sea fish blend blended with Dutch sugar beet extracts. Fish·Mix™ supports the growth of all living organisms in the substrate and enhances and promotes the production of microorganisms and beneficial bacteria in any soil type and in coco-based substrates.
Poor quality soil turns into rich and rich soil after a few days of application, plants are supplied with natural minerals.

Any gardener who grows their plants outside can use Fish·Mix™. Fish·Mix™ can be used from the second week of the growing season, during the flowering period until harvest.
Looking to combine Fish·Mix™ with your All·Mix®? Then we advise you to use a dose of 1 ml per liter of water. If you use Light·Mix®, we can recommend a dose of 2-4 ml per liter of water. Follow our growth plan for the best results.

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