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Krumme Gurken

GROWTool grow system Airpot 1.2

GROWTool grow system Airpot 1.2

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Complete irrigation system for 120x120cm grow tents.

Green Line System 1.2 for classic plant cultivation. Up to 16 plants hydroponically with Superroots AIR-POT.

  • Superroot's AIR-POT 3L
    Plant container for perfect root development, nutrient uptake and thus the best plant growth
  • growTABLE square 1.2
    The growTOOL flood table ensures quick drainage without waterlogging
  • growRACK modular 1.2
    Substructure as an aluminum support plug-in system with plastic connectors
  • growPUMP nutrient HX-8825
    Pump system consisting of suction pump, filter system, connection for the water line of the lid, water tank


  • 16x Superoot AIR POT 3L
  • Irrigation circuit with 4 water spiders including 16 droppers
  • growTABLE square 1.2
  • Drainage and inlet set for flood table
  • growRACK modular 1.2 - 25
  • Pump filter system
  • growPUMP nutrient HX-8825
  • growTANK nutrient 40 litres
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