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Krumme Gurken

HOMEBOX Ambient Q200 Plus

HOMEBOX Ambient Q200 Plus

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Homebox Ambient | Q200Plus | 200x200x220cm | 2 boxes


Thanks to the 22 mm strong frame, the Ambient Q200+ presents itself in the usual stable quality that meets the highest professional requirements. Up to four 600 W plant lights ideally illuminate the four square meters of growing space.

Tubes optimized in terms of number, position and size are also available as standard for dissipating air-cooled reflectors. the PAR+ optimized inner coating allows plants to thrive stronger and more magnificently!

All of these features allow you to maintain optimal temperatures without excessive ventilation.

Size (assembled): 200 x 200 x 220 cm
Cultivation area: 4 m2

+ 8x 100mm
+ 4x 250mm
+ 2x 300mm
+ 4x 350mm

  • MicroMesh insect protection with 700 µm mesh size
  • stable metal frame (Ø 22 mm) with strong plastic connectors
  • maximum load: up to 150 kg
  • recommended illumination: 4x 400
  • Basis for successful breeding
  • developed in Germany
  • robust and easy-care materials
  • detachable, waterproof bottom element
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