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Krumme Gurken

HOMEBOX Ambient Q300 Plus

HOMEBOX Ambient Q300 Plus

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Homebox Ambient | Q300Plus | 2 boxes

The grow box HOMEbox® Ambient Q300 is ideally illuminated with nine 300W or 4 600W LED plant lights and offers an extraordinary nine square meters of usable space! Side windows close to the ground offer the possibility to quickly and easily check the growth and condition of the plants in different places and to take care of them.

All parts of a very powerful and large hydroponic system can be used easily thanks to optimally positioned connections and the corresponding load capacity of the frame. Then "work" is fun again and plants thrive more splendidly than ever!

Size (assembled): 300 x 300 x 220 cm
Cultivation area: 9 m2

+ 8x 100mm
+ 4x 250mm
+ 2x 300mm
+ 4x 350mm

MicroMesh insect protection with 700 µm mesh size
stable metal frame (Ø 22 mm) with strong plastic connectors
maximum load: up to 200 kg
recommended illumination: 4x 600 LED
Basis for successful breeding
developed in Germany
robust and easy-care materials
detachable, waterproof bottom element
optimally reflecting PAR+ inner coating
Total blackout zips: lightproof zips

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