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organic liquid fertilizer; NPK : 5-1-5

Growth and bloom accelerator

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for pot and soil plants
  • Perfect for different floor types
  • 100% certified organic & vegan
  • all the ingredients used in the preparation are by the control union authorized.

For both the growth and flowering periods.

When inserting or repotting the plant, use a watering solution of 5ml Orgatrex per 1 liter of water.

In week 5 water the plants with a solution of 20ml Orgatrex per 1 liter of water.

If you think the plants need extra fertilization, give a solution of 5ml Orgatrex per liter of water as often as needed.

To be used as part of BioTabs Organic growing and flowering strategy.

The Orgatrex / water solution can be stored for two days, after which it should be disposed of at the latest.

Keep cool and shake or stir well before use.

Orgatrex is approved as an organic fertilizer for all plant species.

Vegan: This fertilizer contains no animal ingredients or products!


This product contains lucerne flour (alfalfa), molasses, vinasse, silicon oxide and rock flour.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS : NPK : 5-1-5 + balanced amounts of Zn, Cu, Mn, Co, Mo, S, Na, B and Fe.

Combine for best results Orgatrex with our useful soil bacteria ( Bactrex ) and the mycorrhiza spores ( Mycotrex ) that are useful for rooting.

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