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Krumme Gurken



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Piranha Beneficial Fungi is the perfect companion product to Voodoo Juice. Voodoo Juice colonizes the root system with positive bacteria, whereas Piranha colonizes the root system with 24 positive fungal cultures. Among them are 8 Trichoderma species and 16 endo- and ectomycorrhiza.

Trichoderma are very aggressive spreading fungi that support root growth while providing excellent protection against root rot, Pythium (grey mold) and Pythophethoria. The mycorrhizal fungi secrete substances that break down mineral nutrients, absorb water, inhibit soil-borne pathogens and bind soil particles in a porous structure. Mycorriza can enlarge the root surface by up to 700%. Both the plant and the fungus benefit from this symbiosis.

Research has shown improved nutrient and water uptake, resistance to soil borne diseases and climatic extremes. The plants bloom more and require less intensive care. The mycorrhizal mycelial network is the natural "www (world wide web)".

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