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Krumme Gurken

PC 13/14

PC 13/14

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HESI PK 13/14 provides extra phosphorus and potassium for flowering and flowering plants.

Matched for use with HESI Hydro-Blossom and HESI COCO.

HESI PK 13/14 to intensify flowering. Plants in the flowering phase have an increasing need for phosphorus and potassium. With the HESI PK 13/14, we fully meet this need.

The flowering phase is the pinnacle of a plant's life. The metabolism then works at maximum and large amounts of enzymes are made available for flowering.

The specific substances that are particularly needed now are phosphorus (for the enzymes and the genetic material) and potassium (for transport within the plant).

To be sure that the plants are not unnecessarily overburdened with too much nutrients, HESI PK 13/14 is only used from the second half of the flowering phase up to a week before the end of the cycle. The dosage is gradually increased during the last few weeks of the flowering phase.

HESI PK 13/14 is designed for HESI Hydro bloom and HESI COCO!

Composition: PK 9 + 7
Phosphorus: 9.0%
Potassium: 7.2%

Dosage: up to 50 ml / 10 liters of nutrient solution

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