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Krumme Gurken

Plagron Light Mix

Plagron Light Mix

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Plagron's Lightmix is ​​an organic substrate for growing plants and contains the necessary nutrients for the first week of the plant's life. Plagron Lightmix consists of the best and most carefully selected types of peat and through the addition of different types of fibers and perlite, a high level of air and oxygen is achieved that is only known from Plagron quality soil. The substrate also contains perlite, which increases oxygen delivery to the roots. Unlike Bat- or Growmix, Lightmix only adds a minimal amount of nutrients to the soil to ensure the seedlings/cuttings survive the first week. After the first week, the nutrients contained are used up and must be added by the gardener in the future. This makes Plagron Lightmix the most suitable substrate for fertilizing according to your own ideas right from the start.
The amount of nutrients already contained is sufficient for the first 8 - 10 days. For the time after that, we recommend Plagron fertilizers such as the Terra series with Terra Bloom and Terra Grow.
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