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Prosper | organic bloom fertilizer

Prosper | organic bloom fertilizer

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The CrazyHills PROSPER is an organo-mineral bloom fertilizer specially formulated to provide essential nutrients and the best required NPK balance.
It provides key nutrients that help maximize bud, flower and fruit formation.
The concentrated, liquid formula is easy to use and offers an optimal NPK balance to ensure a natural boost of essential oils, resins and terpenes.
It also promotes the growth of healthy buds, as well as good-smelling fruits and flowers.

Crasy Hills PROSPER is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Application Crasy Hills PROSPER:
Use Crasy Hills PROSPER at least once a week, starting with the first signs of flowering, preferably in combination with Crazy Hills SPARK - the organic flower stimulator!

Watering dosage: Mix 20-30ml with 10L of water.

Made from: natural plant extracts, soft rock phosphate and arctic algae, vinasse (sugar beet), soft rock phosphate, seaweed, ferrous sulphate, dolomite rock, copper oxychloride and zincite.

NPK 2/3/3

65% organic matter
2%(N) nitrogen, total
1.7% (N) nitrogen, organically bound
0.3% (NH4-N) ammonium nitrogen
3%(P2O5) phosphate, total
3%(K2O) potassium oxide, water soluble
5.6%(Ca) calcium, total
0.3%(Mg) Magnesium, total
1.0%(S) sulphur, total

trace elements
0.1%(Cu) copper, total
0.1%(Fe) iron, water soluble
0.1%(Mn) manganese, total
0.2%(Zn) Zinc, total

Suitable for soil and coco

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