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CANNA Start is a balanced one-component mineral nutrient for seedlings and cuttings.

CANNA start on different substrates such as Rockwool Seed Blocks, Coconut Pellets, Jiffy Peat Wells, seed mixes and most other propagation media except circulation systems and clone machines. Propagation media is media on which you can propagate plants.

CANNA Start gives you all the micro and macro nutrient elements for seedlings or cuttings to develop into strong and healthy plants. With the addition of CANNA Start to our CANNA product range, we now offer a complete program from grow start to harvest! With CANNA Start you can now use CANNA throughout the cycle. From clone to harvest!

Benefits of CANNA Start:

  • You only need one bottle. CANNA Start is a one-component, complete mineral nutrient, meaning all the elements you need are in one bottle.
  • CANNA Start can be used perfectly with all other CANNA nutrients. Once cuttings are transferred to the final growing medium, switch from CANNA Start to the CANNA (Vega) nutrient appropriate for the particular growing medium you are using (CANNA TERRA, COCO, HYDRO or AQUA) for the remainder of the cycle. This is especially powerful when combined with CANNA RHIZOTONIC. With this combination, your plants will get the strongest and thickest roots.
  • Reduces the risk of over-fertilization. Cuttings and seedlings have different needs than established plants. A normal vegetative nutrient is not suitable for cuttings and seedlings because of the risk of overfeeding.
  • Reduces the risk of plant material turning yellow. Diluting a vegetative nutrient to make it more suitable for cuttings and seedlings is not the answer. Such a dilution does not contain enough micro and macro elements. This causes the yellowing of the plant matter; not a good start for your harvest. Ultimately, to get strong, healthy plants, you need to start right from the start. Therefore CANNA developed the product CANNA Start; to get the exact ratio of all nutrients suitable for cuttings and young plants.

CANNA Start is perfect for growers who:

  • Grow from seeds.
  • Use your own cuttings.
  • Place the seedlings or cuttings in small pots first before transplanting into the final medium.
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