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Krumme Gurken

Upthrive | organic growth fertilizer

Upthrive | organic growth fertilizer

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Crazy Hills UPTHRIVE is an organic mineral growth fertilizer for vegetative growth.

Using Crazy Hill's UPTHRIVE: use Crazy Hill's UPTHRIVE at least once a week.
If you see the first signs of bud formation: switch to Crazy Hill's PROSPER - organic bloom fertilizer - and SPARK - organic bloom stimulators.

General fertilization: Mix 10-30 ml in 10 L of water.
Supplemental foliar feeding: mix 10-20ml with 10L of water, once a week or as needed.
Do not use the mixture while the plants are exposed to direct light.

Made from: Vinasse (Sugar Beet), Soft Rock Phosphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Dolomite Rock, Copper Oxychloride, Zincite.

NPC 4/1/5

65% organic substance id TS
2%(N) nitrogen
1.7% (N) nitrogen, organically bound
0.3% (NH4-N) ammonium nitrogen
3%(P2O5) phosphate
3%(K2O) Potassium Oxide
5.6%(Ca) calcium
0.3%(Mg) magnesium
1.0%(S) sulfur

trace elements
0.1%(Fe) iron
0.1%(Mn) manganese
0.1%(Zn) zinc

Suitable for soil and coco

Not suitable for hydroponics!

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