Collection: Cultivation & germination of the hemp plant

Hemp seeds are the starting point for growing cannabis plants. There are a few important steps to successfully germinate and grow hemp seeds . As a grower, you can use hemp fertilizer, hemp soil and growing accessories.

  1. Selecting Cannabis Seeds: First, choose high-quality cannabis seeds that meet your requirements and preferences. Choose between different cannabis strains! Blue Dream, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout Cookies, Gorilla Glue, AK-47, Northern Lights, Cheese, White Widow or Amnesia Haze? Check out our seeds!

  2. Germination of hemp seeds: In addition to the hemp seeds, you will need growing accessories for germination. Hemp soil or growing soil for hemp, hemp fertilizer, pots and a grow box for cultivation are useful. A mini greenhouse will help you with humidity. This should be relatively high when growing hemp. Canna recommends Cannastart as a hemp fertilizer to start with.

  3. Growing the hemp seeds: As soon as the hemp seeds have germinated, they can be placed in pots with hemp soil. Make sure the potting soil is of good quality! Everything works just as well in plugs, growing cubes or Jiffy Pots! From now on you can stimulate root growth with a root stimulator for hemp plants. Preferably Canna Rhizotonic, Plagron power roots, Hesi Root Complex, Bio Bizz Root Juice, Bio Nova Roots or similar. You are guaranteed to find the products of your choice in our online grow shop. We tailor our growing accessories specifically to hemp plants. A grow lamp like an LED from Sanlight or Lumatek provides your hemp plant with the light it needs. The grow lamp burns for at least 18 hours every day! These tools ensure that the seeds have optimal conditions .

  4. Supporting growth: To optimally support the growth phase of the hemp seeds, use special hemp fertilizer . Fertilizers with a high N (nitrogen) content are very suitable. In the grow shop you will find Canna Terra Vega, Plagron terra grow, Hesi TNT and many more. Order hemp fertilizer online - very easy! Would you rather order organic hemp fertilizer ? We stock Bio Canna, Bio Bizz, Bio Tabs and Plagron Alga. Our grow shop offers a wide range of products for the care of cannabis plants.

Overall, germinating and growing hemp seeds is an important step in growing cannabis plants. With the right tools and products from the online grow shop, you can ensure that your plants grow healthily and achieve high quality.