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Order Sweet Seeds cannabis seeds online

...and get the thickest hemp seeds! We're thrilled to bring you a selection of seeds so sweet and enticing you'll almost want to eat them. 🍭🍭🍭

Unique hemp seeds

Sweet Seeds is a seed company known for their unique cannabis strains . In addition to feminized hemp seeds, CBD hemp varieties and automatic seeds, the Spanish cannabis seed bank also breeds the so-called “fast version” of some strains. These are Cannabis F1 hybrids with a small amount of Cannabis ruderalis genetics. For example, their legends are called "Green Poison", "Tropicana Poison" and "Cheese". They also carry the latest USA genetics as well as classic hemp strains . You are guaranteed to find the right seeds for you. Order your hemp seeds online today and let's get started in the allotment!

Hemp seeds with science

What makes Sweet Seeds so special is their passion for quality and taste as well as breeding according to scientific criteria . Sweet Seeds hemp seeds are carefully selected and bred and have an unparalleled aroma profile.

But hey, Sweet Seeds has more to offer! We are proud that we are also committed to preserving and improving cannabis varieties. Our seeds are produced under strict quality standards to ensure you only get the best, fattest and freshest cannabis seeds .

And that's not all! Our webshop is the place where your dreams come true. We make it easy for you to find your favorite varieties ! And if you have any questions, our customer service experts are ready to help you.

So, let’s take the sweet path of allotment gardening together! Don't forget about our great offers and discounts! It's best to order your hemp seeds online today!