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Best with the multiple Cannabis Cup winner Green House from Amsterdam ❌❌❌! Established and highly respected in the hemp seed market for decades, Green House has also launched coffee shops and Green House Feeding as hemp fertilizer. To this day, Green House hunts through the most remote places to find new and outstanding cannabis genetics for you. They became legendary, for example, through the “Strain Hunters”.

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Green House Seed Company is the most successful cannabis company in the world.
Winner of many international awards (40 High Times Cannabis Cups, 17 Highlife Cups and many more private awards in many countries), she is a leader in cannabis genetics . Arjan, the founder, started collecting genetics and landraces from around the world 25 years ago, and the hunt continues! ( ).

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What makes Green House hemp seeds so special is their dedication to perfection and passion for the hemp plant. Their hemp seeds are bred with heart, know-how and a lot of effort. This is how Green House Seeds ensures you get the very best results .

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