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Order your new bong online? You've come to the right place!

Welcome to the fascinating world of bongs and bong accessories in the online head shop!

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled selection of high-quality products that will take your smoking experience to a new level . From renowned brands to exclusive accessories, we offer everything that makes a bong lover's heart beat faster. Here is an overview of our product range:


  • Hurricane: This brand stands for quality and innovation. The Hurricane bongs are true masterpieces made of glass and offer unique swirl chamber technology that ensures a pleasantly cool and smooth smoking experience. Experience the whirlwind of flavor intensity! Order Hurricane online and have it delivered safely to your home!

  • Jelly Joker: When it comes to creative and unique bongs, Jelly Joker is the right choice. This brand impresses with colorful designs and innovative functions that make every train a real pleasure. Discover the extraordinary and let Jelly Joker enchant you. Order your bong online now!

  • Roor: Roor is synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. These bongs are made from high quality borosilicate glass and offer flawless workmanship. With a Roor Bong you will experience a pure and intense taste that will delight you. Order Roor Bong online and enjoy!

  • Blaze: Blaze bongs combine style and functionality. This brand places great emphasis on elegant design while providing an excellent smoking experience. Discover the variety of Blaze bongs and find your perfect companion for the moment of pleasure. Order today from the Blaze online head shop and simply enjoy!

  • Black Leaf: With Black Leaf bongs you are making a good choice. This brand offers a wide selection of high-quality bongs at affordable prices. From classic straight tubes to extravagant percolator bongs - here you'll find the right thing for every taste.

  • Jetstream: Experience the smoke at full speed with Jetstream bongs. These innovative bongs are equipped with special percolators that filter the smoke gently and efficiently. Feel the thrill and enjoyment with Jetstream!

  • Plaisir: When elegance and quality come together, the bongs from Plaisir are created. These handcrafted glass jewelry not only offer an aesthetically pleasing design, but also an exceptional smoking experience. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Plaisir.

Bong accessories:

  • Chillums or couplings: We offer a variety of chillums and couplings that allow you to customize your bong. Choose between different materials and styles to optimize your smoking experience.

  • Aluchillums: The Aluchillums are perfect for on the go. These light and robust chillums offer a practical solution for anyone who would like to use their bong on the go. Enjoy the comfort of smoking no matter where you are!

  • Glass and aluminum hats: With our glass and aluminum hats you can stylishly complement your bong. They not only serve as an eye-catcher, but also offer additional protection for your bong. Choose between different designs and materials and find the perfect hat that underlines your individual style.

Our online head shop is the ideal place to order your bong and the matching accessories from the comfort of your own home . We offer a wide selection of high quality products, first class customer service and discreet shipping.

Discover the fascinating world of bongs and bong accessories in our online head shop and experience an incomparable smoking experience . From renowned brands such as Hurricane, Jelly Joker, Roor, Blaze, Black Leaf, Jetstream and Plaisir to exclusive accessories such as chillums, aluchillums and hats made of glass and aluminum - we have everything you need to perfect your smoking experience. We also have the right thing for smoking oil in the online head shop.

Order your new bong and immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment and style today. Experience the difference that high-quality bongs and bong accessories can make!