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Do you want best cannabis strains 2023 ? Then you are right with us! We have the hottest strains and the best quality. Hemp plants and cuttings are grown in-house by our competent gardeners.

What are feminized hemp plants?

We use feminized hemp seeds for these plants. These hemp seeds produce 99.9% female hemp plants. In principle , every plant is guaranteed to be feminine .

Our online grow shop offers you a huge selection of feminized hemp plants in different sizes. You can order your hemp plant online and we will send it directly to your home. We attach great importance to discreet, odorless and fast shipping .

Highest quality of our hemp plants

We guarantee the highest quality of our cannabis plants. Our feminized hemp plants are easy to care for and have the advantage of not producing male plants. We have a wide selection of new cannabis strains and old school strains that you will love. Whether in the Eazy Block, in the 1.6 liter pot or in the 6.5 liter pot - you will find everything you need with us.

Don't forget: order grow accessories online!

We have a large selection of hemp fertilizer, hemp soil and pots as growing accessories . We stock Plagron, Crazy Hills, Canna, Hesi, Bio Tabs, Advanced, Bio Nova, Bio Bizz, Green House and much more. Of course, you can also order your grow lamp online here.

Final words from our online grow shop manager “Mark”:

We ensure the quality of your hemp plant. So that you can always order the hottest hemp plants online . We pack them professionally and then send them directly to you. Browse through our offer and let us convince you of our quality!
Feminized hemp plants are cannabis plants grown from seeds and are always very strong and extremely vital . These strains are perfect as hemp plants for outdoors, indoors and in the greenhouse ! What are you waiting for? Order hemp plants online now!