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Collection: Organic Seeds 🇦🇹

THE Austrian seed bank 🇦🇹

We have been working with the hemp plant for more than 25 years and have collected and preserved a lot of genetics. Due to years of biological/organic breeding, we became aware of the potential of organic seed genetics. This led us to build a seed bank with 100% organic cannabis seeds. After years of breeding, we are pleased to be able to introduce you to our powerful and high-quality genetics. Organic substrates, fertilizers and pesticides are used throughout the entire production cycle. The taste and aroma, including the terpene profile of the respective genetics, are an incomparable delicacy compared to conventionally produced genetics.

Conventional farming systems create different growing conditions than organic farming. This results in different goals and priorities for breeding.

• Plant health:

High resilience, resistance and tolerance to diseases and pests
We are very interested in breeding resistant varieties to pests and climatic conditions. This means that our genetics are sufficient for biological pest control in rearing and they are ideally adapted to our climate.

• Nutrient efficiency:

In organic cultivation, we value increased root mass compared to conventional cultivation. This means our varieties can absorb higher nutrients and these absorbed nutrients are better transferred from vegetative parts of the plant to the flower.

• Yield stability:

We chose legendary genetics to ensure stability in quantity.

• Quality

Natural taste, intense taste of its own