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Hya in paradise for all lovers of the finest papers and filters! Immerse yourself in a world of variety and quality and discover an impressive selection of items that will take your smoking experience to a new level. We offer everything you need for perfect enjoyment 😋.

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In our range you will find an extensive selection of bleached and unbleached papers as well as filter tips that can significantly influence your smoking experience. Our papers and filters come from renowned manufacturers who are known for their outstanding quality . Here are some of the brands you can find in our shop:

  • Raw: These exclusive papers and filters are a must-have for every connoisseur. Raw offers a variety of natural papers that ensure a pure and tasteless smoking experience. You will feel the difference ! Order raw rolling paper online now! Order rolling paper online now!

  • Marie: When it comes to premium papers and filter tips, Marie is the right choice . These exclusive items are hand-picked and offer outstanding quality and a unique smoking experience . Pamper yourself with the best of the best! It's best to order papers online today!

  • Smoking: With Smoking Papers and filters you experience the ultimate pleasure . This renowned brand stands for reliability and consistent quality. Discover a wide range of products that will satisfy even the most demanding smokers . By the way, every coffee shop in Amsterdam has ❌❌❌tuxedo papers. Order now in the online head shop!

  • Greengo: When it comes to environmental awareness, Greengo is the right choice. These environmentally friendly papers and filters are made from unbleached paper and offer a tasteless and natural smoking experience . Order Greengo online in our online head shop and feel a new feeling!

  • Dubi, Actitube, Purize, Hybrid, Kailar, OCB, Elements and Jilter: These renowned manufacturers offer a variety of papers and filters tailored to different preferences and needs. From activated carbon filters to hybrid filters with cellulose - here you will find the perfect addition to your smoking utensils.

In addition to booklets, we also offer rolls so that you can cut your papers according to your preferences. You decide the length and size of your smoking products.

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